Security and Hosting

Saving your data in a cloud-based system is safer than storing it on a desktop where information might be scattered across several databases. Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), iMedDoc stores all patient and practice data in highly secure data centres. We use the latest platform technology to provide hardware and software firewall protection as standard for all customers.


Peace of Mind

iMedDoc employs various techniques and technologies to keep your software secure, online and accessible:


  • Authentication
  • Firewall protection
  • Logging and auditing
  • Encryption
  • Highly secured databases


Even though we manage and store all patient information in the cloud, we are still subject to the same privacy regulations as traditional health records but in many ways, our way of doing things is much more secure. By using our system, practices no longer need to worry about storing confidential patient information. Instead they can rely on our expertise to protect data on a centralised server. Physicians can monitor who has access to certain information. iMedDoc is also fully GDPR compliant.


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