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We are a Health Informatics company with a focus on using cloud and mobile technology to create a more integrated and mobile future for healthcare information.

We work primarily with clinical audit, healthcare records and case management with services like Transcription as part of our portfolio

iMedDoc Software is a healthcare industry leader in Health Informatics Solutions. All our solutions are cloud based and have access from the browser, Smart phone and tablets. Our product portfolio includes Electronic Medical Record solutions for Surgeons, Physicians, Physiotherapists and many other specialties.

In addition to clinic based software iMedDoc Software supply world class clinical outcome software that is used all over the world in specialties like orthopedics and gynecology, neurology, oncology to name just a few.

iMedDoc – Electronic medical records, accessible from anywhere through cloud. Helps you to create, manage and access patients’ records and many other things associated with that.

iMedOrtho harnesses the power of cloud computing and mobile health platforms to allow you to collect outcome scores for a large orthopaedic department or even a group of hospitals

Coherent – Radiology Information System is designed to simplyfy the workflow to distribute patient data and imagery.

Software Solution

The product has evolved with direct input from clinicians and practitioners. Now also offers practice management & PACS systems to integrated with its any hospital systems.

Health Informatics

We are Health Informatics company with a focus on using cloud and mobile technology to create more integrated and mobile feature for health care information

Medical Transcription

We at iMedDoc Software provide superior transcription services to hospitals, practices and individual physicians across Ireland.


Eliminate excess work and still gain total control over your patient database!

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Keep patient data protected, showing your care for their privacy!

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Our Vision

“Our Vision is to be one of the leading Health Care Informatics Company at international level with access to diverse services focusing on consistency in delivery of quality and technology”

Our Mission

“To provide Ultimate Solution through our software solutions with quality support through, innovation, leadership and strategic partnerships for a progressive and competitive business environment”

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